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Zac Brown Band at the Bank of NH Pavilion

I just got home from an afternoon and evening at the Bank of NH Pavilion for my first of 16 shows at the venue. As I was packing up the car to leave, the rain began to fall. I don't necessarily mind shooting in the rain, but would rather not. 

I arrived at the venue as guests were settling in, setting up easy-ups and lighting grills. I roamed around the parking lots with my rain gear on and a ziplock bag around my camera and lens. This was the fourth night in a row that the ZBB had played at the venue. Considering that, and the fact that it was raining, only about 5,000 tickets were sold for this evening. 

I then photographed the venue's sponsors, including Gunstock Mountain's Adventure Park. They have a mountain coaster on display and it certainly has made me want to go take it for a spin! When I was finished with the sponsors, it was time to upload some photos and grab a bite to eat. It is nice that the venue has migrated to showcasing local businesses food. I was happy with a slice of pizza from the Lakeside shack.

The rain finally slowed down and the opening act began. As Darrell Scott's act neared the end, he invited members of the Zac Brown Band onto the stage and even played 2 songs with Zac and his band before departing the stage. 

To be honest, I am not much of a country fan, but these guys impressed me. They made good music. It wasn't like the pop country that is overtaking the radio these days. The lyrics were relatable and the musicians were talented. I hope my images do them justice.