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Ryan Montbleau at the Lone Wolfe


Ryan Montbleau had been touring around the Midwest and parts of Canada with Martin Sexton, when he received a phone call from the tour manager explaining that the weekend's remaining shows were cancelled, due to Martin suffering a severe case of laryngitis. Ryan found himself 900 miles away from his home in New England and turned to social media looking for an outlet for some positivity. This led Ryan to a small brewpub in Wolfeboro, NH where he wanted to perform for a fan with stage 4 lung cancer. As Ryan entered the venue and began loading in, Jean, who this performance was for, gave Ryan a heartfelt embrace and I was able to capture this image.


Jean handed Ryan a handwritten list of songs which Ryan played from begin to end. Ryan opened up with the popular "75 and Sunny". Soundcheck was done and Ryan continued checking off the songs that Jean requested. After Ryan finished with Jean's requests, he played other originals as well as a couple of covers such as "Luckiest Man" by The Wood Brothers and "Fast Car" by Tracy Chapman. One of Ryan's new songs, "Ships in the Sea," which is about some things that he had been going through, was beautiful and somber which left many choking back tears. Ryan mentioned how this performance was not only for the listeners, but was something important for him as well. This is something we can all relate to. Doing something nice for others helps us feel good about ourselves. In one of Ryan's video's he mentioned that we will bring some positivity to the term "Lone Wolf". I think we were successful. 

Oh yeah,  I bought my first new record! Spinning it now as I type this! As I left that night with my wife and daughter, I said bye to Ryan as he prepared to play another song. He said bye and had the crowd say my daughter's name in unison. We left so the sound of the crowd, "SIEEEEERRRRRRRAAAAAAA!" Thank you Ryan for the memorable evening and I wish all of the luck in the world to Jean and her family. 

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