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Senior Portraits to Help Pay for Meals


I read a book in college about the ethics of visual arts called, Do Good Design. There was a section that suggested donating a portion of your time to help out your community. I strive to find creative ways to help my community using my skills and experience.

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 There are a couple things I have been wanting to do and I have found a way to do both of them together. I have observed two issues that perpetuate the wealth gap in schools which can lead to shaming of students that are less fortunate. The first is senior photos. Not every family can afford a professional photographer. This sometimes leads to high school seniors choosing photos that may not be the quality they were hoping for. I feel every senior should have a chance to get their portrait taken by a professional photographer and feel proud to print a high quality image of themselves in their yearbook. Senior photos are just another example of how society exposes the wealth gap and can degrade those students who may not be able to afford professional images.

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 The second problem I want to address is the growing issue of lunch debt. Some families are having a hard time paying for lunch which is not only causing a burden to the families, but our school’s meal service as well. Although I don’t believe our local schools have policies that shame these students, some schools will strip students of their hot lunches and replace them with cold sandwiches. I understand these policies are designed to encourage the families to settle their debt while still feeding their children, but these practices can be embarrassing for the child.

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I am offering senior portrait sessions for seniors who may not be able to afford a professional photographer for donation only. Whatever you can afford. All of this money will be donated to the schools to be put towards lunch debt.


 I am donating 3 hours to take photos of Franklin and Winnisquam high school seniors. Each high school senior will get a 10-minute session and I will send them 3 full resolution professionally edited images to be used however they would like. This will take place at the Tilton Island (across from Cumberland Farms) from 8am-11am on Sunday, September 29th. Please fill out the contact form to participate. Don’t forget to designate your time slot and we will update the availability daily. This is a first come, first serve basis and each student will need to sign a model release.

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