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Kettlehead Success


Many of you know that I have been excited for my good friends that recently opened up a brew pub here in Tilton, NH. They are SO deserving of all the success that are coming to them!


I was so excited and anxious to have the opportunity to deliver these mounted prints to my friends in their beautiful new home. As I awkwardly got the large box out of the car and struggled with it, unable to wrap my arms around, I fumbled with the giant box all the way to the front door. I greeted my friends, and Nate wasted no time pulling out his pocket knife cutting the 24" x 36" box open revealing the two large mounted prints. Each image was printed and mounted on 1/8" masonite. Mounted prints are essentially high quality images printed directly to a durable slab of wood. Perfectly flat! I love the way the light hits them and I couldn't be more satisfied with the way they came out!


The image on the left was a composite Photoshop project that popped into my head one night after a night of brainstorming logo ideas with Nate. My print company applied a linen textured finish to this image to give it a canvas look. The image on the right is a photo that I took of a port hole on a brite tank in the brite room of the brewery. The shallow depth of field brings the viewer's attention to the condensation on the port hole. This image peaks curiosity as to what is in the tank and gives you an appreciation for modern craft brewing. 

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