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Speakeasy Style Bar in Nashua, NH


We approached what appeared to be an antique book store on the corner of Elm St. in Nashua, NH to the sound of chains crashing in the wind. A heavy wooden sign hung from the chains which read "CodeX. Books, Antiques Rarities."

We rounded the corner and found the entrance. We walked up a ramp in a narrow corridor to find a vintage record player with a horn speaker playing old timey music. There was a victorian chair and a bookcase filled with books. My wife sat down in the chair and I told her to knock on the bookcase. She looked at me like I had two heads and said, "No, you do it." 

I knocked on the bookcase and one of the books leaned out at me. I saw a pair of eyes peering at me through space between the shelves. I pulled on the book and the bookcase opened up into a dimly lit lounge with an old piano, vintage furniture, 1920's style music and bartenders in clothing from the prohibition time period. We sat in the lounge on a couch they called Emily. A painting of Emily Dickinson was on the wall behind us. I ordered an Old Fashioned and my wife ordered a Hemingway Daiquiri.  

The bar does not carry any flavored liquor and pride themselves on the art of making delicious cocktails with fresh ingredients while bringing back the art of bartending. We enjoyed a few cocktails as well as a couple of their delicious entree's. We ended the night with a serving of their brandy mousse for dessert. Check out their website for more information. codexbar.com

Drew Hines