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Milky Way Over the Pemaquid Lighthouse


My family and I planned a little weekend getaway up to the coast of Maine this weekend. It coincided with this month's New Moon, so I decided to make it out to the Pemaquid Lighthouse to photograph the Milky way in the dark skies. The lighthouse was over an hour drive away and I left shortly after 10pm. When I arrived at the lighthouse, there were about 5 other cars in the parking lot. I wasn't the only one with this idea. Turns out there was photography workshop there. This made it hard to compose a shot without a photographer in the frame. I also didn't have the convenience of using my headlamp and flashlight to explore the area with the fear of ruining another's photograph. The above photo was the first frame I captured.

pemaquid lighthouse

My second frame, shown above, was the last image I created before the clouds rolled in. I was disappointed with the situation, but considering that it was a crowded location and the weather wasn't favorable, I am happy I made the trip and brought these 2 images home. 

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