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The Avett Brothers at The Bank of NH Pavilion 6.1.17

I have a lot of images from this show that I want to share. Although the crowd was small, the energy was big. I had the opportunity to shoot the meet and greet before the show and the band really surprised me with how down to earth they all were. They took the time to talk and really listen to their fans. Even Governor Sununu came out to meet the band.

The Avett Brothers opened up with a nod to the late Chris Cornell, the singer of Sound Garden and Audioslave. They came out with the song Black Hole Sun, and I grinned. I had recently attended another show from a different band shortly after the death of Cornell and had hoped to hear Black Hole Sun, but it didn't come to fruition. I'm glad the Avett Brothers came through with it. There is actually a small live clip of it on the venue's Facebook page. 

I really like how these images came out. The venue has provided us a space to upload and edit our images right after taking them and it has proved to be very beneficial. I enjoy sitting in our "office" with other photographers, listening to the live performance while being able to edit my images. Thanks for checking out my images, and as always, I appreciate any feedback and shares. 

Drew Hines