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Brewing Company Comes to Tilton, NH

A new brewery is being constructed in Tilton, NH which will feature locally crafted beer and hand tossed sourdough pizza. Brewers, Sam Morrissette and Nate Wolfenden have been brewing in their kitchens for years, giving it away to friends, and even placing in national competitions. Experimenting with IPAs, brown ales, lagers, red ales and more, they will be introducing about 6 different beers at opening.


Their love of brewing has lead them to the name of Kettlehead Brewing Company. I was shown around the brewery today as the plumber was installing a hand sink at the bar. The layout is roughed in and as soon as you walk in you can imagine a scene of locals enjoying great beer, food and company. The walk-in fridge will store the kegs and have tap lines running directly to the bar. There is a large window framed in the dining area so guests will have a view of the brewers at work.


Currently, the plan is to only sell their beer from the brewery. They don’t want their product to suffer the perils of distribution. “Who knows how long your beer sits on a shelf, or somewhere in 100 degree weather? If somebody buys beer that has been oxidized and dislikes the product, there is potential of losing customers.” Nate explains that having control over the quality of their product is important to them. Brewing small batches so that the product is consumed within the best time-frame of being consumed will ensure a returning customer base.


I don’t know about you, but I am excited to have a new brew pub in town. There is nothing else like this in the area. I imagine lines of people out the door to stock up on their Kettlehead Brewing Company 4-packs and sitting down with friends and family around a hand-tossed pizza.   

Drew Hines