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The Infamous Stringdusters in Plymouth, NH

I arrived at the Flying Monkey Movie House and Performance Center in Plymouth, NH before the doors had opened. I noticed a crowd gathered in the lobby to stay out of the cold. I opened the door and asked if they had room for one more. Barely. As we waited for the doors to open I heard one woman tell her husband that the band doesn't take the stage for another hour and a half. "We're gonna be on the floor by then!"

I found my table and sat down to look at the menu. A waitress brought be some popcorn and I ordered a root beer. I had been here before, but never sat for dinner. I ordered the stuffed chicken which came with rolls and a salad. My friends arrived before the food the came.

Candle lit tables

Candle lit tables

More familiar faces walked through the door. Hugs and handshakes were given as the anticipation for the Stringdusters to take the stage grew. I had heard good things about this band, but had yet to see them live. Finally, the projection screen that hung center stage rose out of site. I grabbed my camera and headed up front to grab a seat with some friends. The 5 piece band made their way out onto the stage.

I was absolutely blown away by the talent of these young musicians. They masterfully picked, plucked, and strummed their stringed instruments and blended their vocals into beautiful harmonies. There was a mixed crowd in the venue that night, but there was no short of people dancing. The front row of people were on their feet all night. A group of people gathered stage left and collectively danced the night away. 

There were many memorable moments, but for me, the cover of Danny Barnes' "Get it While You Can" was one of my favorite songs of the night. There were times throughout the night where each musician would take their solo while the others would work their way around the stage and surround the soloist as they left it all out on the stage. It was great to see the way they moved around the stage and not just sticking stationary to their microphone.

The Stringdusters played two amazing sets and came out for a killer encore. They played so much music, were so tight, and appreciative of the crowd. They mentioned that the show was being recorded for digital download and guests could purchase a download card from the merch booth. As the encore was finishing, I said my goodbyes to my friends and made my way to the booth, purchased my card and a live album and headed to my car. I have a feeling that album won't leave my CD player for quite some time. I now leave you with a few more images. Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope it finds you well.

Drew Hines