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Blogging about my photographic adventures

Melissa and Chris

We met at the Newfound Inn in Bristol, NH on a beautiful fall morning. We decided to start down by the water before the fog completely burned off of the lake. We captured some images on the dock as well as the private beach before we headed up to the inn. There, we used the fountain for some group images and nice backlighting. 

From there, we entered the barn which is used as a function hall. The rustic atmosphere and large open space made a great location for some group photos. When we were finished inside, we went back out to where I noticed a calm pool of water at the base of a statue. It was like glass. I asked the girls to get close to the water to get some reflection images. I really like the way they turned out. 

My favorite part of the session was when Melissa asked for some "fun shots" with her family. We were bouncing ideas off from each other and rapidly changing positions. Pig piles, piggy back rides, shoulder rides, kid tosses, and group jumps. We all had a lot of laughs. 

Drew HinesNewfound Inn